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About Us

International Folklore Festivals Ohrid Macedonia is formed on September 02, 2005 by enthusiasts and lovers of Macedonian creation with the purpose of constant nursing and enriching of the Macedonian traditional authentic customs, and national songs from the Republic of Macedonia, as well as from the National minorities that live in the country.

IFFOM organizes concerts and events on public manifestations in the city, in the country and outside the country, and at the same time it achieves close collaboration through different forms of adequate organizations and institutions with the Ministry of Culture, Department of Art and Culture of the city of Ohrid , and the Ensembles and Cultural Art Societies for folk songs and dances through the Republic and abroad. On its repertoire IFFOM displays and nurtures folklore of other countries from around the world.

On its repertoire IFFOM displays and nurtures folklore of of other countries from around the world.

This organization provides constant collaboration with the media, and through them it informs the public for the work of the Ensembles and Cultural Art Societies.

IFFOM publishes informative – propaganda materials in form of: books, prospects, posters, postcards, audio and video cassettes, compact discs and movies as well as other materials for folklore and traditional culture, customs, folk dances, songs and traditional costumes.

Apart from organizing seminars, IFFOM forms sections and groups for learning, nurturing, developing, improvement, preservation and presentation of folk dances and Cultural Art Societies.

Featured Testimonials

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"Greetings to our friends in Ohrid! You did a wonderful job organizing this festival! It was such a wonderful festival! We met so many people. This trip was a wonderful experience! We hope that the friendship bonds that we built will remain strong. It was great to see so many people dancing in beautiful costumes. It would be great to see those joyful faces at another festival in Ohrid in the future! We would be happy to be there again!"

"This was one of the best journeys I’ve ever had! I will never forget the breathtaking views that I saw, so many natural beauties in so little space seem impossible to fit. It was like living in those beautiful postcards that look so unreal. But this place really exists. It’s one of those rare places that take your breath away. Many thanks to the organizers of the festival! Hope we’ll see each other in the nearest future!"

Enea Vasile
Art Director
"Dear friends, thank you for everything that you have shown to us, thank you for your friendliness and you warm welcome. Greetings to the organizers! You did a wonderful job! Ohrid will forever be in our memories. Beautiful views, friendly people, wonderful place! We can’t wait for another trip to Ohrid, Macedonia!"

Pawel Luczak
Art Director