International Folklore Festivals Ohrid Macedonia is formed on September 02, 2013 by enthusiasts and lovers of Macedonian creation with the purpose of constant nursing and enriching of the Macedonian traditional authentic customs, and national songs from the Republic of Macedonia, as well as from the National minorities that live in the country.

IFFOM organizes concerts and events on public manifestations in the city, in the country and outside the country, and at the same time it achieves close collaboration through different forms of adequate organizations and institutions with the Ministry of Culture, Department of Art and Culture of the city of Ohrid, and the Ensembles and Cultural Art Societies for folk songs and dances through the Republic and abroad. On its repertoire IFFOM displays and nurtures folklore of other countries from around the world.

. On its repertoire IFFOM displays and nurtures folklore of of other countries from around the world.

Thir organizationprovides constant collaboration with the media, and through them it informs the public for the work of the Ensembles and Cultural Art Societies.

IFFOM publishes informative – propaganda materials in form of: books, prospects, posters, postcards, audio and video cassettes, compact discs and moviesas well as other materialsfor folklore and traditional culture, customs, folk dances, songs and traditional costumes.

Apart from organizing seminars, IFFOM forms sections and groups for learning, nurturing, developing, improvement, preservation and presentation of folk dances and Cultural Art Societies.

Our Team

Milenko Andreski
Director , Manager

Kaloyan Nikolov

Efi Proikou

Jovan Jonoski

Gülay Sevinç

Milos Vicentijevic

Kostas Livadiotis

Milos Cvetic

Arif Sönmez

Robert Mkrtchyan

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What Customers Say

  • Many thanks to the organizers of this festival and we congratulate you on the excellent organization! We would be delighted to visit you again and it would be great to be in Ohrid and to participate in some other festival in the future! Ohrid is indeed the Jerusalem of the Balkans with its old churches and monasteries, but it is also beautiful because of the breathtaking views of the lake and the mountains.
    Aurelia Berusca
    Art Director
    Folk Ensamble Bucur
  • I want to gratitude for good organization of the festivals where I take part. As well as for a high level of professional and creativity. I love it! Also, I would like to mark all organizers, which help us hospitably and heartily to all questions. Participation in these festivals brings us a lot of joyfulness, smile, and wonderful sentiment. I hope to succeeding cooperation. Thank you very much for everything.
    Alexander Alexandrov
    Art Director
    Pastar Horovod
  • Thank you so much for an incredible experience. It was wonderful. I’ll never forget the days I had in Ohrid, Macedonia. International Festival was organized very well, and I enjoyed every moment of it! I’m so happy I could take part in this festival! I hope you will organize something like this again.
    Anna Barszczewska
    Art Director
    Zespół Pieśni i Tańca JAROSŁAW